Shipping and delivery conditions

Your products will be shipped directly from our distribution centers outside of Germany. Our estimated delivery time is 8 to 13 days and may take up to 90 business days depending on your location. We guarantee to send a tracking code so that customers can track the delivery progress.

The delivery time may be extended in very specific cases, mainly due to problems such as: delays, strikes, downtime, periods of high demand at the post office. All of these situations are beyond our jurisdiction.

shopllaa guarantees that your order will be delivered. We point out here that we assume the responsibility of refunding the entire amount paid for the product, which may be lost or lost before the product arrives at the Brazilian delivery system, the post office.

1.1 How much is the IOF tax that appears at the end of my purchase?

The financial transaction tax is a federal tax established in 1966 under Law No. 5,143 of the same year and is levied on all financial transactions that fall into the following categories: credit transactions, foreign exchange, insurance and all other types of transactions related to securities. and securities.

Since we only trade in imported products, IOF records our transactions as barter transactions. root

1.2. Taxed or taxed products

Most (approximately 99%) orders on fashionalday are delivered free of charge by post to the address requested by the customer. In rare cases, the IRS may impose a tax on the debt. In these cases, the post office will send a notification to the address provided at the time of purchase to inform the customer that the product has been taxed. This notice requires that you pick up the package at the post office specified in the letter after paying the tax.
In this special situation we recommend the following procedure:

1 – Go to the post office mentioned in the notification and inform them that you do not want to receive the package. After a few days (generally the period is 07 days), the unclaimed goods will be returned to the sender, i.e. fees. /Tribute.

2 – Report the incident to our customer service as soon as possible by email:, through social networks and other forms available on this website.

We ask you to inform us about the levy of the tax so that we can inform you about the further procedure.

3 – We will send you an identical product. This process step does not incur any costs for the customer. Important: At the time of re-shipping, a new delivery time countdown begins.

If you do otherwise than stated above, we will not be responsible for refunding any fees or taxes.

If you do not want to wait for the new delivery deadline, you can cancel the order by paying the fee. We remind you that any taxes levied on the product are solely the responsibility of the customer and he should check the import regulations in force in his country before purchasing so that he is aware that such a situation may arise with him can buy.

2. Order tracking
The products will be sent by the post office or other carrier and there will always be a tracking code that allows the customer to follow the progress of the delivery. fashionalday undertakes to instruct the customer in tracking the products. The tracking code will be emailed to you after the order is shipped.

3.1. Pay attention to the addressing of orders

shopllaa organizes the shipping of the products to the address you require. To avoid any problems with the delivery of your order, we ask that you pay your full attention when filling out the address where you would like to receive your order.

3.2. Absent recipient

Make sure someone is at the address to receive your products during the scheduled delivery times. The post office makes three attempts to deliver the products. If there is no one at the address to accept the order, the package will be taken to the nearest post office. In this case, it is necessary that the recipient of the package collect the package from the post office as soon as possible. Therefore, when returning to the sender, a new purchase must be made in order for the product to be delivered, as the product will be lost during the return and fashionalday will not be able to receive this product back.

All details about delivery attempts as well as the address of the post office where the recipient must collect your package in the event of absence at the address

ss, are recorded in the order tracking, which can be tracked via this on the Correios website

The tracking code provided by fashionalday.

3.3. Incorrect or incomplete address

It is the customer's responsibility to enter the address correctly. If the post office determines that the form is incorrect or incomplete, the package will be returned to the sender. In addition, in these situations there are no three delivery attempts, as is usual in cases where the recipient cannot be found. In addition, since the purchase must be returned to our distribution center, the local post office indicates that it has no obligation and does not guarantee delivery of the product to the sender. In this way, the customer's mistake results in a loss for the business and therefore a new purchase must be made for the product to be delivered. In this situation, the customer loses the right to a refund since it was his mistake that led to the problem of shipping and return to the store without guarantee.

4. Safe delivery
fashionalday is committed to ensuring that our customers are not harmed at any time during the delivery process. For this reason, all purchases made from us are protected by delivery insurance. If the delivery time of 90 working days is exceeded and you have not received your order, simply contact our customer service and apply for delivery insurance. This is the correct way to receive a refund of your purchase.

If your order is not delivered due to a problem related to the customs process, we will review your case to find the best solution for your order.

If your purchase has features that prevent delivery to your country due to restrictions in local law, such as: B. Batteries or similar, the responsibility lies with the customer and not with the business.

If you decide to import a product that has a technical feature to which restrictions apply due to local laws, the consumer is already responsible for this type of disability before purchasing from our store. If at any time your purchase is stopped by local control, we do not offer any compensation as the consumer must be aware of his country's legislation and import regulations.

Another case where the customer is responsible concerns the import license. If it is required in your country and you do not have it and still purchase from us, we will not be responsible for the refund or delivery of the purchase. It is the customer's responsibility to inform themselves about all import regulations and other situations that may affect the purchase process or delivery of the purchase.

All import related fees, Financial Transaction Tax (IOF) and other customs related fees or charges are the responsibility of the consumer as described in our Terms and Conditions. If your purchase is taxed or requires postal collection and the customer fails to do so, so you refuse to collect or pay the applicable charges or refuse to receive the order upon delivery to your address, bid we do not offer any compensation.

We make it clear that once the order leaves our distribution center, in this case the order is shipped, transportation becomes the responsibility of the outsourced logistics company. At this part of the delivery process, ownership of the purchase already lies with the buyer, which means that all associated responsibilities and risks during transportation rest with the buyer.

The delivery of the product may be affected by several factors beyond the control of fashionalday that may affect the delivery time of the purchase, since we take care from the moment the purchase leaves our distribution center after confirmation of the payment Purchase as a gift or with the intention of using it on a special occasion, this must be done in advance.

Shipping and delivery times depend on working days from Monday to Friday. During important holidays such as Chinese New Year or Christmas, we inform you that there may be delays in the estimated delivery time. During events of this type, we inform our customers of these situations so that they are aware of possible delays.

Customer behavior
fashionalday has the full willingness and commitment to find a solution to any problems or situations that may arise during the purchase in order to achieve greater satisfaction of our customers. Al